The App That Keeps Falls City School District Buses Rolling

The App That Keeps Falls City School District Buses Rolling

The Challenge

Falls City School, a small Oregon district school , made the bold decision to bring their student transportation services in-house. Tanner Simmons, the director of transport with past experience in the busing industry, understood the basics of bus operations but recognized the added complexities of managing a full fleet.

Need for a better system

Mr Simmons, initially relied on his spreadsheet proficiency. However, he recognized that manual data entry into spreadsheets was not sustainable across the team, was potentially error-prone, and wouldn't scale well as their transportation needs grew. Additionally, having outsourced to a busing company in the past, they lacked an established system for managing their own fleet.

After evaluating options, Falls City School District chose Simply Fleet's fleet management software. Tanner Simmons, recognized the solution's potential, saying, "I was looking for something that was affordable, easy for our team to learn, and could handle everything we needed."

Putting Simply Fleet to Work

Falls City School District now uses Simply Fleet for a wide range of essential tasks:

Daily Operations

Drivers easily record mileage and fuel-ups on the go using the mobile app. The maintenance team receives proactive reminders for oil changes, tire checks, and other crucial tasks.

Compliance Assurance

Customized inspection forms, including pre-trip, 90-day, and annual inspections, ensure vehicles remain safe and compliant with regulations.

Incident Management

Drivers and mechanics can report issues directly in the app, providing timely alerts and creating a clear maintenance history for each vehicle.

Results that Matter

All-in-One Management

Simply Fleet became the district's central hub for everything from daily mileage and fuel tracking to scheduling preventative maintenance and setting reminders for critical tire and engine light checks.

Seamless Compliance

District staff created customized inspection forms within Simply Fleet for pre-trip, annual, and other essential checks, ensuring all vehicles met state safety standards while generating detailed documentation.

Efficiency on the Go

The Simply Fleet mobile app empowered drivers and mechanics to update information directly on-site, streamlining the process for everyone and reducing errors. Replacing paper-based systems with an all-in-one mobile solution has saved time and simplified day-to-day operations.

Cost Savings

Simply Fleet's focus on preventative maintenance helps districts like Falls City avoid unexpected and costly repairs. Tanner Simmons, notes this was a clear benefit after inheriting vehicles with neglected maintenance histories.

Adaptable for Smaller Fleets

Simply Fleet's affordability makes it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized districts. Falls City found the price point perfectly suited their budget and needs.

"Simply Fleet is exactly what we were looking for. It's user-friendly, affordable, and it really does get everything. It fully encompasses everything we do."

– Tanner Simmons, Transportation Director

Why Simply Fleet Shines in the Education Sector


Simply Fleet's pricing model is designed to be accessible for school districts of all sizes, making advanced fleet management tools a reality even on tight budgets.

Ease of use

The mobile app and intuitive web interface minimize training needs and ensure even occasional drivers can record their trips and pre-trip inspections accurately.

Compliance Focus

Customizable forms and clear record-keeping make it easy to align with complex state and federal regulations for school transportation.

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