Expense Management

Don't just track every dollar but get to see the bigger picture and improve profits and cost of ownership

Why is expense tracking is important?

The cost of owning a vehicle is one of the biggest expenses many companies face. In fact, it accounts for nearly half of total operating costs for small businesses. With real-time expense tracking, you can quickly identify where your vehicles spend the most money and what changes could save you money.

Log all your expenses like fuel, services, toll, fines, insurance etc all in one place from anywhere.

Digital transaction details, see uploaded receipts of every fuel purchase in real-time saving you hours tracking down invoices, receipts, and other documents related to your fleet.

Get dashboard stats like Total Costs, Cost per mile, Cost per day and Cost per hour, and average maintenance cost for each asset.

See your upcoming expenses like insurance renewals, lease payments, etc to help you plan for future expenses

Effective fleet expense management helps fleet managers understand which asset types are costing you the most, including fuel, maintenance, insurance, repairs, and others. By creating custom reports, you can easily track your fleet’s performance over time.


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