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Tired of Overspending on Your Fleet?

Streamline operations, reduce overhead, and see immediate savings for your small business fleet. Simply Fleet is here to simplify your operations and empower you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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Designed for Simplicity and Affordability

Simply Fleet levels the playing field, giving small businesses powerful yet affordable tools to streamline operations, cut costs, and grow – without the need for extra staff, complicated systems, or big investments.

Key Features for Small Businesses

Make strategic decisions regarding vehicle utilization and resource allocation with ease. Track crucial metrics, monitor vehicle health, and streamline operations with a centralized dashboard

cut your fleet downtime

Fleet maintenance

Automate reminders for preventive maintenance based on time duration and mileage data.

Create and manage work orders for repairs, assign tasks to mechanics, and track progress, eventually enhancing the vehicle's lifespan. 

Maintain a centralized record of all maintenance performed on each vehicle in your small fleet.

Preventive maintenance  software benefits
Streamlined Work Orders
boost fleet safety

Inspection management

Create digital inspection forms through the DVIR app, eliminating the need for spreadsheets.

Capture real-time inspection data in the app, reducing the unproductive manual hours of workload.

Identify trends in inspection data to address minor issues proactively and prevent major repairs down the line.

Cut down fuel expenses

Fuel Management

Upload photos of fuel receipts on the cloud-based app, making it easy to track your fuel costs.

Gain insights into fuel efficiency and usage patterns across your business fleet and identify vehicles with consistently high fuel consumption.

Reports and Data Analysis
Inspection and Compliance
track every mile

Automated mileage tracking

Daily mileage captures start and end readings without the need to write down mileage records manually. 

Automatically tracks your trips, calculating the distance traveled for each journey.

Accurate mileage logs ensure compliance with tax regulations and company policies. 

Inspection and Compliance
Get everything in one place

Data analytics

Generate customizable reports for monitoring your small business fleet and gain insights into fuel usage, maintenance trends, etc.

Track trends over time and identify areas for improvement.

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your fleet operations and get enhanced ROI.

See how our customers streamlined their fleet management

“Simply Fleet works! I like the customizable inspection forms and the maintenance reminders. We use this in our company daily and it exceeds the limits of the functions we need it for”
Brandon Roberson
Inventory Control Manager,
Lowe Electric Supply
One Stop vehicle maintenance solution at rightly price
If you really want to manage a medium/big fleet then its a good solution, all you need to start with is the complete track records of your fleet. If update you maintenance track daily then this application helps you manage a big fleet of vehicles seamlessly.”
Amey S
Director Transportation & Trucking, GOI Car
“Simply fleet is easy to use, makes tracking a breeze. It allows us to keep track of inspections and mileage for our small company”
Jordan K
Preventative Maintenance Manager, Construction company
“Very happy to have found something streamlined and simple-exactly what we were looking for and needed/wanted. We needed something affordable, easy to use, and easy to deploy across a number of employees. This is the first software/platform that has everything we need including a mobile app.”
Tess W
Business Operations Manager, Ledyard Homes
“The automation of fleet maintenance processes has helped us a lot. We've replaced pen and paper by going digital with Simply Fleet. We've automated our inspections, maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, etc”
Robin S
CEO, Computer Software Company
“Simply fleet is very modern compared to old way of using log books for fuel management. Fleet and fuel management are most impactful. The product is very easy to use. The integration with our existing business processes is easy.
Pearsons K
Operations Manager,
5 star ratings
Based on reviews on
Simply Fleet Capterra Reviewsimply fleet google play reviewSimply Fleet G2 Reviewsimply fleet software advice reviewSimply Fleet Appstore Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can fleet management software benefit my small business?

Fleet management software simplifies maintenance, reduces fuel costs, improves vehicle safety, and eliminates paperwork. It can save you time and money, even with a small fleet.

What FMS features are most important for small business fleets?

Focus on features like regular inspection alerts, preventive maintenance scheduling, and avoiding breakdowns. Also, ensure fuel tracking to improve efficiency and reporting for better insights.

Who will have access to my fleet data?

You can control who has access to your fleet data within the Simply Fleet software. You can also assign different levels of access to users based on their roles and responsibilities.

Does the software work with different fleet sizes? Can I scale it as my business grows?

Yes, many fleet management solutions are scalable. They offer flexible features that can adapt to your growing fleet size and evolving needs.

I don't have a dedicated IT team. Can I still manage the software?

Yes! Most solutions like Simply Fleet offer user-friendly interfaces and require minimal technical expertise. Many providers also have excellent customer support to assist you.