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Fleet Management
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Gain Control of your Construction Fleet & Heavy Equipments

No more frantic calls about equipment breakdowns halting your project

No more drowning in paperwork for inspections & maintenance records

No more waiting for equipment repairs

No more worrying about the safety of your team and equipment

No more hefty fines from non-compliance

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Construction companies rely on Simply Fleet


Take control of your construction fleet & Equipments

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Cost Control

Unpredictable breakdowns, excessive fuel consumption, and reactive maintenance lead to skyrocketing costs. Track everything, from fuel usage to maintenance schedules, helping you identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

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Improved Efficiency

Streamline your operations with real-time tracking, optimized routes, and driver management tools. Minimize downtime, maximize equipment utilization, and get projects done faster.

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Enhanced Safety

Ensure your team's safety with pre-trip inspections, driver behavior monitoring, and compliance management features.

Manage everything digitally, make smart decisions, and watch your profits soar

Simply Fleet takes the pain out of managing your construction fleet. Track fuel, services and expense. Automate maintenance, inspections and repairs. Ditch the paperwork, gain complete visibility into your fleet operations, empowering you to make informed decisions and respond proactively to any issue.

reduce vehicle downtime

Keep vehicles and equipment operating at optimal level with preventive maintenance scheduling and analyze trends with historical maintenance log

Preventative maintenance: Easily schedule and track maintenance tasks, receive reminders, schedule repairs and maintain a comprehensive maintenance history.

Fuel and Expense Management: Track fuel consumption, manage expenses, and optimize fuel efficiency.

Compliance Monitoring: Stay on top of compliance requirements, receive reminders for inspections, and organize compliance documentation with digital inspections

Data Analysis and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your fleet performance with customizable reports and analytics.

Easy-to-use platform:  Our intuitive interface and mobile app empower your team to manage the fleet on the go.

What Construction Fleet Managers Say About Us

“Simply Fleet works! I like the customizable inspection forms and the regular maintenance reminders. We use this in our company daily and it exceeds the limits of the functions we need it for”
Testimonial Image Brandon
Brandon Roberson
Inventory Control Manager,
Lowe Electric Supply
One Stop vehicle maintenance solution at rightly price
If you really want to manage a medium/big fleet then its a good solution, all you need to start with is the complete track records of your fleet. If update you maintenance track daily then this application helps you manage a big fleet of vehicles seamlessly.”
Testimonial Image Amey
Amey S
Director Transportation & Trucking, GOI Car
“In my 19 years working in the transport industry, Simply Fleet is the ONLY fleet maintenance software program that I have come across that is user friendly, adaptable to my operations, accurate with reporting and very cost effective saving the company a lot in wasted fuel and maintenance costs”
Testimonial Image Shaun
Shaun Kleynhans
Operations Manager, Transbus Africa
“Very happy to have found something streamlined and simple-exactly what we were looking for and needed/wanted. We needed something affordable, easy to use, and easy to deploy across a number of employees. This is the first software/platform that has everything we need including a mobile app.”
Testimonial Image Tess
Tessa W
Business Operations Manager, Ledyard Homes
“We are saving 3 hours a week by shifting from spreadsheets and can already see the benefits from looking at the dashboard to monitor the costs and check on reminders in just 2 months of time.”
Testimonial Image Edward
Edward Turabian
Purchase Manager, Australian Professional Shopfitters
“Simply fleet is very modern compared to old way of using log books for fuel management. Fleet and fuel management are most impactful. The product is very easy to use. The integration with our existing business processes is easy.
Testimonial Image Pearson
Pearsons K
Operations Manager,
How Simply Fleet enhanced operations, saving MORE d.o.o time and money

How Simply Fleet enhanced operations, saving MORE d.o.o time and money

View Case Study
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We'll move you to Simply Fleet for free

Our team provides assistance in migrating all your data to Simply Fleet, ensuring a seamless transition. You can rely on us to make the process as smooth as possible.

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