Automated Fleet Management Software

Enabling Fleet Automation To Manage Your Fleet

Reduce vehicle downtime with automated maintenance scheduling, improve efficiency and gain real-time insights to make data-driven decisions. Simply Fleet simply puts you in control of your fleet.

Fleet maintenance  software benefits
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What is automated fleet management software?

Automated fleet management software is a digital hub that streamlines and automates many of the tasks involved in overseeing your fleet of vehicles. Managing fleets manually is a time-consuming affair. But automated systems streamline everything. Track vehicle conditions in real-time, automate maintenance, and gain data for better decision-making—saving you time and money.

Automate your fleet to empower your business

Put off spreadsheet based fleet management solution and save unwanted expenses. Automate and simplify your fleet operations – all from a single, user-friendly platform.

keep your fleet in top shape

Fleet maintenance

Schedule preventative maintenance based on mileage, time, or specific conditions.

Receive automated alerts when maintenance is due.

Track maintenance history for each vehicle and identify potential issues early.

Extend vehicle lifespan and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Preventive maintenance  software benefits
Streamlined Work Orders
Cut down unnecessary fuel costs

Fleet fuel management

Track fuel usage for each vehicle and identify consumption trends.

Analyze fuel efficiency and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Reduce vehicle downtime with simple system

Automated work order

Create work orders automatically based on maintenance schedules or driver reports.

Assign work orders to qualified technicians based on skillset and availability.

Track work order progress in real-time and receive updates on completion status.

Reports and Data Analysis
Inspection and Compliance
Get all reports at one place

Data reporting with advanced analytics

Generate customizable reports for monitoring your fleet.

Gain insights into fuel usage.

Track trends over time and identify areas for improvement.

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your fleet operations.

See how our customers automated their fleet management tasks

“Simply Fleet works! I like the customizable inspection forms and the maintenance reminders. We use this in our company daily and it exceeds the limits of the functions we need it for”
Brandon Roberson
Inventory Control Manager,
Lowe Electric Supply
One Stop vehicle maintenance solution at rightly price
If you really want to manage a medium/big fleet then its a good solution, all you need to start with is the complete track records of your fleet. If update you maintenance track daily then this application helps you manage a big fleet of vehicles seamlessly.”
Amey S
Director Transportation & Trucking, GOI Car
“In my 19 years working in the transport industry, Simply Fleet is the ONLY software program that I have come across that is user friendly, adaptable to my operations, accurate with reporting and very cost effective saving the company a lot in wasted fuel and maintenance costs”
Shaun Kleynhans
Operations Manager, Transbus Africa
“Very happy to have found something streamlined and simple-exactly what we were looking for and needed/wanted. We needed something affordable, easy to use, and easy to deploy across a number of employees. This is the first software/platform that has everything we need including a mobile app.”
Tess W
Business Operations Manager, Ledyard Homes
“We are saving 3 hours a week by shifting from spreadsheets and can already see the benefits from looking at the dashboard to monitor the costs and check on reminders in just 2 months of time.”
Edward Turabian
Purchase Manager, Australian Professional Shopfitters
“Simply fleet is very modern compared to old way of using log books for fuel management. Fleet and fuel management are most impactful. The product is very easy to use. The integration with our existing business processes is easy.
Pearsons K
Operations Manager,
5 star ratings
Based on reviews on
Simply Fleet Capterra Reviewsimply fleet google play reviewSimply Fleet G2 Reviewsimply fleet software advice reviewSimply Fleet Appstore Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does automated fleet management software cost?

The cost of automated fleet management software will vary depending on the size of your fleet, the features you need, and the provider you choose. Most providers offer different pricing plans to fit your specific needs. We at Simply Fleet provide the best price-efficient fleet solutions.

Can this software be used with different vehicle types?

Yes, automated fleet management software is typically compatible with various vehicles, from cars and trucks to vans and buses. Simply Fleet also provides an asset grouping feature to group vehicles based on location, supervisor and vehicle type.

Is this software suitable for my fleet size?

Absolutely! These scalable solutions can be customized for fleets of all sizes, from a handful of vehicles to large enterprises. Simply Fleet offers features for all sizes of fleets, making them a cost-effective way to boost efficiency.

What kind of reports can I generate with the software?

Simply Fleet offers a wide range of customizable reports. These include fuel usage breakdowns, maintenance schedules, asset management reports, and more. These empower you to make data-driven decisions for your fleet.

How can fleet software help me improve communication with my drivers?

The software includes two-way communication features. Managers can send real-time messages to drivers, and drivers can report issues or request assistance directly through the platform. This improves transparency and streamlines communication channels.