The Effective Fleet Operation Used By The Fleet Manager.
October 5, 2019

The Effective Fleet Operation Used By The Fleet Manager.

Strategies and methods can be adopted by a fleet manager to execute effective fleet operations and the key areas where these should be implemented are Assets Management, Driver Management, Planning, Fleet Maintenance, Data Collection & Analysis, Innovation & improvement, Precautions and Emergency Strategies.

Every day several operations are executed in any business, and the effectiveness of those operations is a significant factor to determine the growth and profitability of the company.

Various strategies and methods can be adopted by a fleet manager to execute effective fleet operations, and the key areas where these should be implemented are as follows.

Asset Management

The main assets of any fleet are the vehicles and drivers . They are the backbone of any fleet industry. Setting a standard specification like mileage, efficiency, load capacity, maintenance charges, etc. during the bulk purchase of the fleet vehicles and disposal policy beforehand can increase the effectiveness of fleet purchasing and disposal operations. A standard procedure can also be developed while recruiting drivers. The driver’s qualifications and experience should be taken into consideration, and a test can also be conducted to improve the quality of driving staff further.

Driver Management

Hiring good drivers is not enough to make driving operations effective. A consistent driver performance matters to use the full potential of the fleet effectively. Incentive policy can be adopted, i.e. drivers should be given incentives whenever they perform well, keep their vehicles maintained, and it’s efficiency high. Doing this will provide a morale boost to the drivers. The driver’s performance should be monitored and analyzed based on which goals should be laid by the fleet Managers for every driver to maximize their performance. Training sessions for drivers can further improve their performance by learning new techniques and upgrading their skill set.


An hour of preparation can save you lots of hours during the execution of operations. So maintain a proper for any fleet operation. The plan may include the routes, pit stops, cost calculation, and assigning the suitable driver and vehicles. The fleet managers may set up a committee for planning and can also take the help of various software/ applications available in the market.

Fleet Maintenance and Upgrade

Keeping up the vehicle’s excellent condition is crucial for any fleet, and it should be made easy and accessible. To make maintenance easy and affordable, fleet managers should inspect, schedule, and report readily. The effectiveness of this operation can be increased by using a fleet management software, which would help keep track of all the stats of a vehicle, schedule the future maintenance services, and maintain a vehicle logbook. The companies should invest in upgrading the vehicle by equipping it with safety hardware like dash cams, parking sensors, GPS, etc., which would increase the effectiveness of operations during a journey.

Data Collection and Analysis

It is vital to collect and analyze useful information to keep track of the progress. Nowadays, there are many fleet management software that is very helpful in maintaining the data . They store the information in the cloud servers, which is accessible and more reliable than the traditional files and folders. A systematic matrix of vehicle stats, previous maintenance, driver’s performance, fuel costs, inventory, expenses, etc. is often useful to pinpoint the areas where the fleet operations are lacking.

Innovation and improvement

Innovation in complex tasks to make them simple can lead to a considerable increase in productivity. Changes can range from a small idea of doing a job differently to making a colossal machine, but as long as it makes the day-to-day fleet operations more effective, it is worth the investment. Fleet managers and owners should continuously update their knowledge as the fleet industry advances rapidly due to new technologies. Every year a more efficient vehicle is launched, new systems are developed for fleet safety, and sometimes rules also change which, can impact the fleet business if the market doesn’t adapt to these changes. Adopting and implementing new technology and strategies should be a priority.

Precautions and Emergency Strategies

Anything can happen on the road, so it is vital to maintain a framework of every bad scenario that can occur during any operation. Laying the emergency strategies and procedures to follow in those situations can increase the effectiveness of emergency operations.Take precautions both in-office and on-site like Insurance, driver safety measures, expenses on workplace standards, etc. They may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the precautions cost way less than the actual damage.

Some Tips for fleet managers to make fleet operations more productive:-

  1. Consistently gain knowledge and search for new ideas to grow business. These ideas and knowledge can be obtained from books, colleagues, groups, societies, videos, podcasts, etc. that are related to your field.
  2. Experiment with the new approach to deal with complex operations that are done every day until you find the most effective one. Break a complex problem into simple ones; in this way, the problem can be solved quickly.
  3. Take regular feedback from the workforce. This will not only engage them but also help to find new problems that may be missed by you and potentially get to a solution.
  4. Invest in a good fleet Management Software. The software should be capable of collecting data, maintaining records, scheduling vehicle maintenance, fleet tracking, monitoring drivers, estimating costs, and comparing vehicles. One such application is ‘Simply Fleet’ which checks all the marks.

Following the strategies discussed above will surely increase the effectiveness o the various fleet operations and an increase in productivity, which positively affects business

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