How Australian Professional Shopfitters use Simply Fleet to Monitor Costs & Preventive Maintenance

How Australian Professional Shopfitters use Simply Fleet to Monitor Costs & Preventive Maintenance

About Australian Professional Shopfitters

Australian Professional Shopfitters is a family-owned company that specialises in designing shop and office fit-outs complete from concept, manufacture, installation and inclusive of project management. The business was founded by director Ken Miller in 1990. From its humble beginnings, it has now grown into a dynamic company occupying a site of over 2000 square meters. It employs over 40 staff members and has 11 vehicles, including vans, trucks, cars, in its fleet.

It is for a reason that they use the word ‘Professional’ in their name. Australian Professional Shop-fitters has won numerous awards due to their professionalism. The prominent ones being:

  • Best Interior Fitout - $301,000 - $500,000 for Stuart Weitzman (Chadstone)
  • Exceptional contribution for the shopfront at Uniqlo (Pacific Fair)
  • Best retail experience - Design Awards 2014


As with any business managing its own fleet, Australian Professional Shop-fitters needed a more streamlined way to manage its fleet operations. They faced the following fleet-related issues:

Data Storage

For the past 30 years, they had been storing all their data in a spreadsheet which consumed a lot of time & energy.

Maintenance Reminders

Since they recorded all the details in a spreadsheet, they had no way of being reminded as to when a vehicle needed service. Setting a date on the calendar or checking the spreadsheet regularly to see the due date of services of all the vehicles was taxing and confusing.

Fuel management

PS had now way to track fuel costs and their vehicle’s fuel efficiency since their vehicles were being filled up by their drivers and there was no way of tracking these fillups.

Operational Cost

Calculating operational cost was tedious and at times incomplete from their spreadsheet recording. Important metrics like running cost/kilometre, running cost/day, etc were not available to them.

Why Simply Fleet?

Management wanted to capture all the cost relating to the vehicles being the fuel, service, maintenance and as a reminder for whatever comes in or insurance or maintenance, so they asked me to look that out, so what software we can use to capture all this and we lucky enough to find Simply Fleet."
- Edward Turabian
  • Simply Fleet was extremely easy to understand for their admins and drivers.
  • It helps them to collaborate with all the drivers via the mobile app.
  • As compared to other fleet management solutions, Simply fleet was the most economically priced.
  • Simply Fleet’s support team was outstanding.
“The team of Simply Fleet were very responsible and they would come to the part very quickly and they still are, so whatever changes or issues we have they would jump onto it."
- Edward Turabian

How Simply Fleet solves their Problems?

  • They can keep track of all their fill-ups, services, renewals and reminders in one place.
  • Fill-ups along with the receipt are logged as they happen, right from their driver’s mobile apps.
  • Getting reminders for preventive maintenance is a big boon and will help them save service costs in the long run.
  • They can track key metrics and operational cost to analyse the health of their fleet.
"I use the web program more than the phone app because I need to have a look at the reminders and how much fuel spending on daily, monthly or quarterly, and how much service they costing, is it for the whole fleet or just a vehicle."
- Edward Turabian

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