See How Simply Fleet Automated Processes at Road Transpo Specialist Inc

See How Simply Fleet Automated Processes at Road Transpo Specialist Inc

About the Company

Road Transpo Specialist, Inc. operates a business primarily focused on the delivery of both fuel and non-fuel products, with a substantial emphasis on fuel delivery. They manage a fleet of approximately 60-65 tankers in the Philippines. The company's core operations revolve around transporting these products to their designated destinations efficiently and reliably. To effectively manage their Fleet and ensure the smooth operation of their delivery services, they require streamlined and comprehensive fleet management solutions.

At the outset, the company faced challenges due to the absence of structured systems or software applications to manage various aspects of its Fleet.

Road Transpo Specialist, Inc. (RTS Inc.) brought Irnil Joseph Mutia on board to help streamline their processes and bring order to their operations. Irnil's expertise lies in setting up and improving business & finance processes and enhancing accounting systems for small and medium-sized businesses. This proved to be a valuable asset for the company.

“When I first started, my focus was to create a process. Then after creating the processes I researched and I tried to find an app that would fit with the process maps that I designed. Simply Fleet fit right in and that's why we started using it.”
-Irnil  Mutia


RTS Inc. faced significant challenges due to their reliance on manual record-keeping using Excel sheets:

  • Time-Consuming & Error-Prone: Employees had to enter data, update information, and manage records manually, which consumed valuable working hours and was inherently prone to errors.
  • Maintenance & Repair Schedules: Without a dedicated system, tracking maintenance schedules for their fleet vehicles became a complex task. This meant that scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes or other critical tasks, could be easily overlooked, and vehicles were not repaired in a timely manner.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with government regulations posed a significant challenge. The company needed to meet these compliance requirements to avoid penalties.

Solution: Implementing Simply Fleet

The client decided to address these challenges by introducing Simply Fleet as a comprehensive fleet management solution.

Key features of Simply Fleet that proved to be valuable include:

  • Reminders for Maintenance and Compliance: Simply Fleet provided automated reminders, ensuring that maintenance and compliance tasks were not overlooked.
  • Integration of Inspection Forms: The integration of inspection forms into work orders streamlined the process and ensured that all work orders were supported by thorough checklists, enhancing the quality of service.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Simply Fleet offered real-time visibility into work orders and technician efficiency, enabling the company to monitor operations more effectively.
"We are expecting to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost due to complications brought by untimely maintenance schedule”
-Irnil Mutia


Since implementing Simply Fleet, the company has witnessed several notable improvements:

  • 100% Compliance: The client achieved a remarkable 100% compliance rate with government regulations. This prevented costly penalties and ensured the company's adherence to essential standards.
  • Efficient Maintenance Tracking: The ability to track maintenance schedules and repairs efficiently contributed to the overall reliability of their Fleet.
  • Enhanced Technician Performance: With real-time visibility into technician activities, the company could assess and improve their performance.
  • Transition from Excel to an App: The company successfully transitioned from manual Excel sheets to a single, user-friendly app, simplifying data management.
  • Improved Data Analysis: The adoption of Simply Fleet facilitated improved report generation and data analysis, enabling the company to make more informed decisions.


The initial rollout of Simply Fleet faced some resistance among employees who were accustomed to using Excel for their daily tasks.However, over time, as the benefits of the new system became evident, employees started embracing the change.

The company is currently in the process of gradually phasing out Excel in favor of the streamlined Simply Fleet Solution for data input and analysis.

Future Plans

The client has plans for further enhancements in their fleet management. They intend to measure technician efficiency more precisely, evaluating whether they have the right staffing levels to meet their needs & improving cost-tracking processes to enhance financial management.

In conclusion, Irnil has played a pivotal role in modernizing and improving the client's fleet management processes with Simply Fleet. He believes the system has simplified their operations, ensured compliance, and provided valuable insights, ultimately contributing to their success in the competitive fuel delivery industry.

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