Need For Fleet Management & Maintenance Software
July 26, 2019

Need For Fleet Management & Maintenance Software

A good fleet management software can help a company or a fleet manager by managing fuel, vehicle, driver and maintenance. Also by tracking your fleets, you can optimize and monetize your fleet cost.

Now some of you might wonder “what is fleet management?” and some of you might already know. So for those who don’t know, in simple words, fleet management is referred to the management of a fleet (which involves all the commercial automobiles a company owns) and it is very important for a company to maintain as well as to manage all the automobiles it owns.

Traditional Fleet Manager v/s Fleet Management Solution

Traditionally fleet managers used to be appointed for this purpose, but due to the advancement and rise in the number of automobiles owned by a company, a single person cannot handle all the automobiles, inspect drivers, maintain the fleet and perform rest of the tasks done by a fleet manager.

That’s when the need for fleet management software arises. But wait, you might say that the fleet manager can make sub-departments, assign one person to each department and manage those people. Unfortunately, that idea is not too effective and it also raises the expenditure of the company due to an increase in the number of employees. Thus nowadays the need for a fleet management Software is quite vital.

A good fleet management software can help a company or a fleet manager in the following ways:-

Fuel Management

It is possible that the drivers can misuse or overuse the fuel which increases the cost of transportation. So fleet management software tracks fuel consumption with every fuel input. It also calculates various statistics like fuel consumption, consumption per day, consumption per month, the distance between fill-ups, quantity per fill-up, and other useful information. This information is also very useful in detecting any problems with the vehicles.

GPS Tracking

This helps fleet managers track vehicles and vehicle stops. At any given point in time, the fleet manager can know where his vehicles are.

Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet management software helps in maintaining vehicles by keeping a check on fuel consumption, battery percentage, tire pressure, a thorough check of internal systems through on-board computer and also engine checks which saves both time and money for the company. The software can also set reminders for timely maintenance of the vehicle.

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Driver Management

Fleet software also helps keep a record of the drivers who are employed or contracted. This includes keeping a record of all the official documents like licenses, DOT certificates, etc. which may be needed for reference or at the time of an audit. Besides documents and other static information, the software also helps with driver scheduling and driver trip durations.

Easy Access and Increased Efficiency

Nowadays everybody has a smartphone, so it is very easy for both the manager and the workforce to use the software on their mobiles which results in increased efficiency. For example, the need to keep paper receipts is no longer needed since the driver can snap a picture of the fuel receipt and upload it on the software while filling in the vehicle.

Considering all these merits of fleet management software it can be said that the management software is not only just a need but also a huge and a much-needed upgrade to the conventional fleet management.

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