Five Doubts about Fleet Management Software you should Clarify
April 8, 2020

Five Doubts about Fleet Management Software you should Clarify

Fleet Management & Maintenance Softwares can be confusing, and you might feel at a loss sometimes. We have listed a list of five doubts that you should clarify.

Fleet Management Software can be confusing, and you might feel at a loss sometimes. We have listed a list of five doubts that you should clarify.

Q1. Will the Fleet Management Software be able to adjust for standard preventive maintenance for different types of assets?

Fleet management reminds you of preventive maintenance to avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns and includes actions like vehicle inspection, lubrication, adjustment, cleaning, testing, repair, and/or worn parts replacement. If you are a mid-sized or larger organization, you may also want to account for any equipment or other assets that you may have. Make sure the FMS supports all your inventory requirements.

Q2. Is the Fleet Management software compliant with the rules and regulations for security data protection?

Once you start using any software which hosts your data, you are opening yourself to the possibility of companies sharing or misusing your information. Make sure the organizations follow the stipulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) no matter where their headquarters, offices or servers are located.

Q3. Does the fleet management provide any hosting or SaaS services?

A SaaS fleet management solution allows fleet owners and fleet managers to be connected with their drivers seamlessly. With the correct GPS tracking devices installed on their fleet of vehicles, it is easy to collect driver performance data and vehicle location information into cloud-based computer servers. This helps to use all the information to make data-driven decisions that can improve and boost fleet efficiency and productivity. Fleet Management Software that provide the SaaS subscription, which includes access to the mobile app will be plus while making the decision.

Q4. Does the Fleet Management software have the ability for on-demand reports or ad-hoc reporting for management?

Several fleet management software provides on-demand reports or ad-hoc reporting for management. The fleet managers can get customized ad hoc reports generated within a few minutes with an enhanced analysis of the data. These reporting systems set a new standard for speed, flexibility, capability, and ease of use. The reports can also be bookmarked in the respective web browsers and can be refreshed as and when needed from the desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.

Q5. What kind of customer service does fleet management software provide?

When you and your fellow members log on to a new system, there will be a learning curve. You will need some hand-holding and troubleshooting help in the first few days till you get completely familiar with the process. Hence it is imperative that the FMS has an excellent customer support and can fix your issues with a quick turnaround time.

Use of Fleet Management Software not only leads to an increase in productivity, it also helps businesses improve their overall costs while at the same time managing all their data related to the fleet online, thus also reducing human errors. Simply Fleet is one such product that fits all the above points and could support your organization. When time permits, feel free to check us to know more on fleet management.

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