Tips for a Thorough and Effective Fleet Vehicle Inspection
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March 8, 2023

Tips for a Thorough and Effective Fleet Vehicle Inspection

This blog emphasizes the role of technology in streamlining the inspection process and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By following the tips and best practices outlined in the blog, fleet managers can optimize their maintenance program, increase vehicle uptime, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are an essential component of fleet maintenance, providing a record of the condition of a vehicle at a particular point in time. However, the accuracy of these reports can sometimes be compromised by various factors, such as incomplete or inaccurate information, poor documentation, or the lack of standardized procedures.

To improve the accuracy of DVIRs and ensure more effective fleet maintenance, here are some tips:

Standardize Procedures

Establish clear and standardized procedures for conducting and documenting DVIRs. Ensure that all drivers are trained in these procedures and that they understand the importance of accurate reporting.

Use Technology

Leverage technology to automate and streamline the DVIR process. This can include using mobile apps, telematics devices, or other tools that allow drivers to quickly and easily report issues and maintenance needs.

Emphasize Communication

Foster open communication between drivers and maintenance personnel. Encourage drivers to report any issues they notice promptly and provide feedback on the effectiveness of the maintenance and repair process.

Conduct Regular Audits

Regularly review and audit DVIRs to ensure accuracy and completeness. Identify areas where improvements can be made and take corrective action as needed.

Provide Feedback

Provide drivers with feedback on the quality of their DVIRs, highlighting areas where improvements can be made. This can help drivers better understand the importance of accurate reporting and encourage them to be more diligent in their inspections.

By following these tips, fleets can improve the accuracy of their DVIRs and ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained, reducing the risk of breakdowns, accidents, and other issues.


Use of Fleet App to Fill the DVIR

Fleet management solutions definitely make the daily vehicle inspection supervisory task of a fleet manager easier. But the manager also needs to ensure the drivers are complying to all the rules for filling out the report. In order to ensure the inspection is being carried out in the right way certain key features are required in the fleet mobile app. 

At Simply Fleet, based on our customer's feedback we have incorporated the following options to make the life of the manager and inspector/driver easier. 

  1. Track the time taken to complete the vehicle inspection

The timer starts when the driver/inspector clicks start for the vehicle inspection. It tracks the total time taken to complete the inspection. The end time is when the driver/inspector clicks the submit button. Ideally, it takes around 15 mins to complete an inspection depending on various factors. The fleet manager can track if there is any discrepancy in checking the vehicle.

  1. Mandatory signature of the driver/inspector

            At the end of the report it is mandatory for the driver/inspector to sign before hitting submit. The signature also serves as a form of accountability for the driver. If any issues or defects are found during the inspection, the driver may be held responsible for any violations or safety issues that arise from them.

  1. Reason for Failure

We have made it mandatory for the driver/inspector to explain the reason for failure, if and when encountered. This helps the technicians with all the necessary explanations or photos to get started and avoids delays. 

  1. Ease of Use

We have further simplified the process of filling out the report. This also serves as a motivation to the drivers to complete the form in lesser time with more accuracy. 


In conclusion, improving Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) is critical for accurate fleet maintenance. DVIRs serve as an important tool for identifying and addressing maintenance issues in fleet vehicles. 

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