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Today's fleet management demands agility and real-time insights, and that's where Simply Fleet's mobile app comes in. Ditch the outdated methods and experience a new level of control, efficiency, and cost savings, all from the palm of your hand.

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One Powerful App for Your Entire Team

Simply Fleet app provides your entire team with the perfect tools. Our multi-layered user access ensures everyone in your team has the right control over your fleet.


Take Control On-the-Go with our Mobile App

Simply Fleet app goes beyond just managing vehicles and equipment. Our comprehensive platform includes a powerful fleet manager app, work order app, maintenance app, and fleet monitoring app all in one place.

Manage Your Fleet at Your Fingertips

The Simply Fleet app equips you with a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline various aspects of your fleet operations. From preventive maintenance to real-time data analysis, experience the power of our mobile app.

reduce fleet downtime

Mobile Fleet Maintenance App

Effortless scheduling
Schedule maintenance for your entire fleet directly from your mobile device.

Renewal reminders
Never miss a maintenance renewal again. Automated service reminders ensure your fleet stays compliant and operates smoothly.

Preventive maintenance  software benefits
Streamlined Work Orders
ensure fleet safety

Vehicle Inspection App

Digital inspection forms
Eliminate paperwork with easy-to-use digital inspection forms. You can fill in on your mobile device.

Scheduled inspections
Set reminders to ensure inspections are conducted on time, preventing safety hazards and potential breakdowns.

Seamless submissions
Submit vehicle or equipment inspection reports directly through the app, along with photos and videos for clear documentation.

Keep your fleet running smoothly

Digital Work Order App

Streamlined workflows
Create and manage digital work orders directly from your phone, assigning maintenance tasks and tracking completion easily.

Leverage work order logs
Stay informed with detailed work order logs that track every maintenance process step.

Detailed service history
Maintain a comprehensive service history for each vehicle, accessible anytime for future reference.

Inspection and Compliance
Optimize fuel costs

Fuel Management App

Accurate Tracking
Drivers can log fuel purchases and mileage directly through the app, eliminating manual errors and providing precise fuel consumption data.

Consumption Analysis
The app analyzes fuel usage patterns, identifying areas of inefficiency like excessive idling or inefficient routes.

Fuel Card Integration
Integration with fuel cards prevents unauthorized purchases and provides detailed expense reports for better cost control.

Reports and Data Analysis

See how our customers streamlined their fleet management

“Simply Fleet works! I like the customizable inspection forms and the maintenance reminders. We use this in our company daily and it exceeds the limits of the functions we need it for”
Brandon Roberson
Inventory Control Manager,
Lowe Electric Supply
One Stop vehicle maintenance solution at rightly price
If you really want to manage a medium/big fleet then its a good solution, all you need to start with is the complete track records of your fleet. If update you maintenance track daily then this application helps you manage a big fleet of vehicles seamlessly.”
Amey S
Director Transportation & Trucking, GOI Car
“Simply fleet is easy to use, makes tracking a breeze. It allows us to keep track of inspections and mileage for our small company”
Jordan K
Preventative Maintenance Manager, Construction company
“Very happy to have found something streamlined and simple-exactly what we were looking for and needed/wanted. We needed something affordable, easy to use, and easy to deploy across a number of employees. This is the first software/platform that has everything we need including a mobile app.”
Tess W
Business Operations Manager, Ledyard Homes
“The automation of fleet maintenance processes has helped us a lot. We've replaced pen and paper by going digital with Simply Fleet. We've automated our inspections, maintenance schedules, mileage tracking, etc”
Robin S
CEO, Computer Software Company
“Simply fleet is very modern compared to old way of using log books for fuel management. Fleet and fuel management are most impactful. The product is very easy to use. The integration with our existing business processes is easy.
Pearsons K
Operations Manager,

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does this fleet mobile app offer different access levels for different users? 

Yes! Our multi-layered user access system provides admins with full control, managers with real-time oversight, and drivers with a focused view of their tasks and communication.

How does the mobile app benefit drivers?

The app simplifies daily tasks for drivers, allowing them to focus on the road. Drivers can access work orders, service history, and vehicle information directly from their phones. Improved communication features keep them connected with fleet managers.

Can I access important vehicle documents through the app?

Yes! Store vehicle details, licenses, photos, and other essential documents securely within the app for easy access by authorized personnel

How does the app improve communication within my fleet team? 

The app streamlines communication with instant notifications, clear task assignments, and easy reporting. Everyone stays informed and connected for smoother operations.

Does the app offer any data reporting features? 

Yes! Generate reports on various aspects of your fleet, such as maintenance costs, fuel usage, and overall expenses. Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions and optimize your fleet performance.

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