10 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Fleet Management Software on a Budget
February 7, 2020

10 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Fleet Management Software on a Budget

You might wonder, is there a perfect fleet management system and how it stands out from the rest. Yes, a complete fleet management system that can cater to all the needs of your vehicles without breaking your business, is your perfect fleet management system.

We will start with an interesting statistical data on fleet management system we came across today. According to Statista Report on Fleet management, 2020 witnesses almost 12.7 million units of fleet management systems installed, only in North America.

That is huge in number!

In that case, can you attribute to the rising need for a perfect fleet management system across the globe?

You might wonder, is there a perfect fleet management system and how it stands out from the rest. Yes, a complete fleet management system that can cater to all the needs of your vehicles without breaking your business, is your perfect fleet management system.

How can you get your fleet management system work the best to meet your business needs?

We took the task of compiling the top 10 ways you can get more from the fleet management system without drilling a hole in your pockets.

Knowing The Correct Fleet Size

It is known that the cost of fleet management is directly proportional to the size of the fleet.

It boils down to the number of vehicles and any spare vehicles needed in case of uncertainties. Apart from these specific needs, the unused vehicles if any with minimum life can be discarded from the fleet for better purposes.

Pros: This not only will give you more space but also keep tabs on the durability of running vehicles, and the money saved in maintaining unused vehicles!

Miles Reduction to Save More

Yes, your fleet management software can manage the miles driven and analyzing it helps with saving more. Finding the shortest distances for trips help with miles reduction thesis saving you more on fuel costs and other expenses.

Pros: Mileage reduction as it helps the environment breathe clean and also, helps you in many ways like cutting fuel costs, increasing the productivity of the driver, reducing risks, and saving maintenance costs.

Cutting Fleet Fuel Costs

Regular monitoring of fleet vehicles includes checking fuel logs, and you can surprisingly save more than you expected on that part. Monitor the fuel logs for running vehicles and educate the drivers with ways to save fuel during trips and keep a tab of every fuel receipt to review later.

Pros:By cutting down the fuel costs, you are not just saving money but the environment we live in too.

Impacting Driver Behaviour

Yes, with the help of a fleet management system you can keep track of the driver records and understand the productivity of the driver, you can evaluate the driver behaviour not just for the sake of the vehicle but your business as a whole.

The fleet management software helps in monitoring the driver's records to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Pros:Analyzing the driver's behavior will help you stop unwanted expenditure by them and also educate them to take better care of the vehicles they are assigned with.

Being Profitable During Resale

A properly maintained vehicle with scheduled services and inspection will fetch you more than you can gain at the time of resale. The fleet management system takes proper care of the maintenance schedules and repair services if any required. A vehicle properly maintained is like investing your money in funds that promise good returns.

Pros: You can save much money by avoiding unwanted maintenance or services due to negligence.

Reduce Your Fleet Maintenance Costs

The fleet management system helps you with maintenance schedules and tabs on vehicle history. Regular analyzing of the vehicles and educating the drivers to handle the vehicle properly will help you save more at maintenance and services. Be it a running vehicle or a standby vehicle; it is essential to check the vehicles with a routine to know if it is in its best condition. This way, you can avoid any surprises at the time of maintenance and services.

Pros: You can avoid add-on services charged at the time of maintenance and save more on that part as your vehicle is maintained as it should be.

Taking Measurable Risks and Improve Fleet Safety

The fleet manager must keep a record of the vehicle running and the spare ones in the garage. Also, regular inspection of the vehicles along with the assignee will help in understanding if the vehicles are appropriately managed. Acquiring proper documents from the drivers will help in getting a thorough background verification.

Pros: Imparting the drivers with regular training programs on safety measurements will save you unfortunate losses.

Identifying and Lowering Your ABC(Activity Based Costing)

Some indirect costs also known as overhead costs include the expenditure of fleet management and administrative regulators, building space and facilities accommodating the vehicles, including fuel costs, computer systems, and other utilities, tools, taxes, and many other factors that cannot be attributed directly to a vehicle. Here comes the Activity Based Costing, which is merely identifying these costs causing extra expenditure.

Pros:Cutting down unused vehicles and other utilities will help you save more in terms of money and space.

Lower Fleet Management Cost

You can reduce or lower the overall fleet management cost by cutting down the fleet size, monitoring fuel costs and taking strict control of other costs leading to unnecessary expenditure. The regular monitoring of fleet management costs will help in reducing the TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) of a vehicle, thus saving you much money.

Pros:Though the results of lowering the fleet management cost vary depending on the mileage and usage of the vehicles, many users witnessed almost 15 per cent TOC reduction over the years.

Fleet Management System for Small Business?

We have a good number of FMS in the market to cater to the needs of all businesses. If you are into a small business and if you are looking for an FMS that can very well take care of your fleet, regardless of the number of vehicles, look nowhere beyond Simply Fleet, which helps small businesses grow with it's user-friendly and much affordable price.

Pros: Customize your package based on the business needs and get your FMS at a comparatively lesser price.

Now that you have seen the top 10 ways to get more out of the fleet management software, use these hacks to grow your business in no time. When time permits, feel free to check us to know more on fleet management..

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