Top 3 reasons to choose fleet management software for a construction business.
April 19, 2022

Top 3 reasons to choose fleet management software for a construction business.

Fleet management software helps construction companies manage their fleet better. Find out what they are and why they're important.

If you are running a construction business, then you must be constantly dealing with the challenges of vehicle or equipment breakdown, driver assignment, availability and reliability and unforeseen expenses for your assets. If these kinds of issues re-occur frequently, then it could be a threat to your business altogether. What if there was something that could give you better clarity on all of this so that you could invest your time and money wisely.

You may require a fleet management application to help you out.

What is Construction Equipment Fleet Management Software?

Construction equipment fleet management software is a specialized type of software designed to help construction companies efficiently manage and optimize their fleet of equipment and vehicles.

Construction fleet management can help you plan, forecast and oversee the project remotely to improve business operations.

Construction fleet management can help in recording, planning, monitoring and reporting. These benefits are all achieved through the collection and study of raw fleet data.

Reasons to Choose Fleet Management Software for a Construction Business

Vehicle & Equipment Management:

Vehicle maintenance and repairs cost a lot for construction fleets. Securing construction vehicles avoids expensive, unneeded, repairs, and requires a commitment to following a proper maintenance schedule. If there is a precise record of previous maintenance and suggestions, construction firms can ensure the right steps are taken to maintain their fleet. Timely maintenance increases the lifespan of vehicles and reduces downtime and safety risks.

Construction companies don't just use vehicles but also equipment like diggers, drillers etc which run on hours instead of distance. It is important that your fleet management software supports this. Keeping track of your vehicle/equipment efficiency helps you save money in the long run.

Boost Productivity & Workflow:

With a proper construction fleet management system in place, it reduces uncertainties, mistakes, and problems that affect the workflow. Construction fleet management allows companies to have a comprehensive understanding of their assets, drivers, expenses and more.

Fleet managers can look at the historical data and it can help them make better task assignments. Having the right operators on the right equipment means tasks get done efficiently and on time. When useful project information is collected, stored accurately, and effortlessly obtainable through such a fleet management application, it makes the job more manageable for everyone involved. With adequate data, assignments are allocated on time, to the right operators, to be done promptly.

When a construction project as such is being monitored remotely and effectively, it gives you real-time know-how of the expenses and availability of resources.

Enhanced Invoicing & Budgeting:

Traditionally operational expenses such as fuel fill-ups, maintenance and any other expenses for equipment/vehicles are settled weekly or monthly post verification of physical receipts to every purchase claim. It is a massive task to tie the charges and receipts together and to maintain all physical evidence till the charges are verified, scanned & uploaded digitally. A good application would not only record the transactions as they happen but also store the receipts and/or any other physical copies digitally. This would mean data can be stored safely and searched efficiently whenever needed.

It would also tie the driver/operator to this expense making them accountable for the claims. Besides, financial record-keeping on a digital medium is methodical and precise, reducing payment mistakes and overlooks, allowing construction businesses to look up their payments quickly and easily.

Fleet managers or fleet owners can have complete details on the expenses of all vehicles, upcoming expenses and renewals and historical information too. This can help them plan their budgets efficiently. Most applications, provide a plethora of reports to evaluate your asset's performance. Reporting gives companies great visibility so they can predict and anticipate expenditures and income and develop more detailed budgeting and projections.

Overall, pre-emptive monitoring and analytical insights into vehicle and operator performance can reduce fleet maintenance costs and frequencies beyond expectations.

Simply Fleet is one such application and can help the construction business get complete visibility and reduce their operating costs.

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