Preventive maintenance planning and scheduling

Effective fleet management requires a comprehensive preventive maintenance program that includes regular scheduling and planning. By implementing such a program, organizations can proactively address vehicle and equipment maintenance needs, minimizing the risk of accidents and unexpected breakdowns.

The importance of proactive preventive maintenance scheduling and planning

Planning ahead enables fleet managers to optimize vehicle uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of their assets. Simply put, a well-planned and well-executed preventive maintenance program is critical for the success of any organization that relies on a fleet of vehicles or equipment

Minimize unplanned maintenance thus positively impacting the bottom line

Assets stay properly maintained and run at peak performance, extending the life span of your vehicle

Helps control costs of repair vs replacing automotive parts

Helps save money in operational, fuel, and personnel costs while also reducing liability risks associated with accidents or other incidents

Ensures safety for both driver and assets

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Fleet preventive maintenance program with Simply Fleet

The components of a successful preventive maintenance program include establishing a regular schedule of activities, implementing a system to track and monitor the performance of assets, and utilizing predictive analytics to anticipate potential issues.

Maintaining an accurate record of service history for each asset is essential for fleet managers.

Schedule OEM-recommended maintenance reminders by mileage or hours based on your usage. You can plan for vehicle services to happen after traveling a set distance, running for a predetermined period of time, or the elapsed time since their last service.

Simply Fleet can help automate preventive maintenance tasks, standardize service intervals, stay in regulatory compliance and follow OEM guidelines to meet warranty standards

Fleet Managers receive email or push notifications prior to the service being due, making sure maintenance is done and the assets are in working condition

Mobile apps can be used to input odometer readings and trigger service reminders when it’s time for a checkup

Apply reminders to all similar vehicles effortlessly

Stay ahead of breakdowns and save on future repairs by signing up for a maintenance plan with Simply Fleet.

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